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Quality control for NGS workflows

DNA/RNA sizing and quality assessment

We quantify and determine the integrity of your RNA or DNA prior to downstream applications such as library preparation. We also provide accurate quantification and sizing of NGS library.

Depending on the size of your fragments, and the type of sequencing you will do, we choose between three instruments:

  • Fragment Analyzer (AATI, Agilent) - We use this instrument for most of our sizing and quality assessment services.
  • FEMTO Pulse System (Agilent) - We use this instrument for high molecular weight (up to 200 kb fragments), very low concentration DNA sizing, or very low concentration RNA quality assessment.
  • 4200 TapeStation System (Agilent) - We use this instrument as an alternative to the Fragment Analyzer as part of some of our library preparation workflows.

Fragment Analyzer result interpretation

Blue Pippin size selection

Depending on the results from the DNA sizing with the Fragment Analyzer, you may want to clean up your library preparation. The Blue Pippin will help us select DNA of certain sizes and effectively remove other fragment sizes.

  • If you intend to use Illumina technology, we will select fragments in a target size range from your NGS library.
  • If you intend to use Oxford Nanopore MinION or 10X Genomics technologies, we will select high molecular weight (up to 50 kb fragments) DNA.

Service pricing

Quality control for NGS workflows
DescriptionInternal price (Cornell and Cornell affiliates)External price
Tape Station DNA/RNA quality assessment $12 per sample inquire
Fragment Analyzer (RNA or DNA analysis) $12 per sample $20
FEMTO Pulse (RNA or DNA analysis) $18 $30
Blue Pippin size selection $24 per sample $39
Blue Pippin size selection, high MW DNA selection $36 per sample $59