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Digital PCR QX200 (Bio-Rad)

BioRad QX200 digital PCR machine

The Bio-Rad QX200 droplet digital PCR system, updated to QX200 capabilities, provides extremely accurate quantification of DNA. It uses limiting dilutions of the target DNA in up to 20,000 sub-nanoliter droplets. It is used for applications such as CNV analyses, viral load detection, or NGS library quantification.
The instrument can use:

  • Taqman assays with two color detection (FAM and VIC/HEX) on a single sample.

  • Evagreen assays with only a pair of PCR primers.

The pricing table below is for users who want to operate the instrument themselves (self-service).

For pricing information about the full service (you submit samples and the facility staff analyze them for you), visit our Digital PCR service page.

Please contact us to receive training before using this instrument for the first time. For subsequent use, let us know ahead of your visit to confirm availability of the instrument.

Instrument pricing

Digital PCR QX200 (Bio-Rad)
DescriptionInternal price (Cornell and Cornell affiliates)External price
QX200 Digital PCR - User operated* $20 per column read (8 samples) $32.80 per column read (8 samples)
*Users provide all reagents and supplies. Please contact us for training and self-service operation.


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