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Flow Cytometry Facility

Lydia Tesfa

Flow Cytometry Facility Director

Lydia became the director of the Flow Cytometry Facility in 2019, the year the facility was created. To read more about Lydia’s expertise and experience, see the leadership page.


Flow Cytometry Technician

Armando worked at the Chemical Biology Department at Cornell before joining the Cornell Institute of Biotechnology. He started in the Imaging Facility before moving to the Flow Cytometry Facility where he offers consultation, helps customer prepare and run their experiments, supporting the facility’s goal to provide an outstanding customer service to the Cornell community. 

Jaclyn Mahoney

Flow Cytometry Technician

Jackie received her bachelor’s degree in environmental systems from Cornell University. She worked as a research specialist and lab manager for five years in Dr. Michelle Heck’s laboratory helping to research Citrus Greening disease. She joined the Flow Cytometry Facility in 2019 just after the facility’s expansion, and has been assisting users with training and instrumentation operation.

Erik Contreras

Postdoctoral Associate
(607) 255-1721
140 Biotech. Bldg.

Erik earned his PhD in Biomedical & Biological Sciences at Cornell University. As a graduate student, he studied carbohydrate/peptide synthesis and the effects of membrane composition on viral entry. In the Flow Cytometry Facility, Erik is eager to assist flow cytometer and cell sorter users with their experiments.