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Billing and cancellation rules

Cancellation of existing appointments

Given the high demand on our instruments, we require that you give us a notice of one full day (24 hrs) notice when cancelling a reservation.

Cancellations less than 24 hours in advance will be billed at half-charge unless another user utilizes that time. Cancellation charges are listed on invoices as “unused/cancelled time charge.”

Description Fee
Unused time* Half-rate
Cancelled time <24hr notice Half-rate
No shows Full price

*Unless someone else is using the instrument

Extraordinary appointments

When absolutely required, it may be possible to schedule cell sorting outside of regularly available appointment times by prior arrangement with the Facility. Billing for special scheduling will be at double the standard rate.

Unused appointment time

Any time reserved by the user which was not spent using the instrument will be billed at half-charge, unless another user utilizes that time. Unused time charges are listed on invoices as “unused/cancelled time charge.”

Assisted time and training

“Assisted time on invoice” indicates either

  • analysis done under direct constant supervision of facility staff, or

  • training on the instrument by facility staff.

Training is required before access to instrumentation is granted. Training is hands-on with a staff member, and billed per person. The length of time required for training depends on the specific instrument and the experience level of the user, but typically takes two hours.

Non-Cornell (external) users

External users will be billed full price for all the services of the facility, and will not benefit from the internal discount available to Cornell users.