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Data retention policy - Flow Cytometry

Instrument's computers

For the purpose of keeping instruments functioning efficiently, data files are removed from computer hard drives routinely.
At the end of each day, all data generated from the instruments are backed up and stored on the facility's shared network drive. These data are then deleted immediately from the instrument's computers.

Shared network drive

Data stored on the shared network drive will be kept for six months. These data are kept in the form of an archive. This backup is not a substitute to saving your data in your user folder on the shared network drive.

Retrieving archived data takes time from the facility staff, and we charge for this service. The minimum charge is half an hour, thereafter in quarter-hour increments.

Amazon Deep Glacier

After six month storage on the shared network drive, the data will be archived in Amazon Deep Glacier for total of three years.

Users can contact the Flow Cytometry Facility staff to request retrieval of archived data. There will be a charge of $100 per request (Amazon Deep Glacier charges the facility same amount). Users requesting data retrieval must provide:

  1. Date (s) files were generated; 
  2. Type (s) of instruments data files were generated from; and 
  3. Name (s) of the file (s) to be retrieved.