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Financial support

CAT grant

CAT grants are matching funds of generally around $50K, matched to an NYS for-profit company’s cash support for the project.

For a multi-investigator CAT project, support will be based on total company matching dollars of all investigators on the project. Fringe benefits are to be budgeted, but not indirect costs.

Additional funding for projects that include materials research

CAT applicants can apply for an award of an additional $5,000 to supplement a CAT grant, if the project's activities related to development, characterization, or testing of materials.

Please describe in your proposal on page 2 and justify in the Budget section on page 4.

Visit the CCMR for more information

Company matching funds

Matching funds and CAT funds must be expended during the period of the award.

The expectation is that the company support will be a cash match. Per NYSTAR, an "in kind" match is not a cash match. PIs may contact us for clarification.