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Cornell University

FACSMelody specifications

The BD FACSMelody is easy to use as its streamlined workflow eliminates manual setup of the stream and monitoring of the sort, which minimizes hands-on time. Unlike the FACSAria Fusion, learning to operate the Melody is easy. The BD FACSChorus software prompts novice users with step-by-step instructions and it eliminates the need for setting up the sort stream and monitoring the sort, reducing the risk of poor sort outcome. The Melody has a fixed flow cell and reusable nozzle. Sort devices include 2 -way tubes as well as 6-, 24-, 48-, 96-, and 384-well plates. Additional accessories include biological safety cabinet and aerosol management system.

Excitation lasers

488 nm, 640 nm, 405nm

Output power

405 nm (36 mW), 488 nm (16 mW), 640 nm (36 mW)

Detection parameters

9  fluorescence + 2 scatter

Sample tube

Single, auto-loading tube

Tube types


Temperature control

5°C, 37°C

Agitation unit

Eccentric rotation

Magnetic drive

300 rpm speed

Sorting nozzle

100 um

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