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Data retention policy - Genomics


If you have prepared a sequencing library with us but do not wish to sequence it immediately, we recommend that you take the samples back to your laboratory for storage until you are ready for sequencing.

Due to freezer space considerations, we discard all library preparation after three months, whether the samples have been sequenced or not.

Downloading your sequencing data

Once your analyses are finished, you will receive an email with a link to download you data.

For Full Service Sanger sequencing, Ready-to-Load Sanger sequencing, and Fragment Analysis results produced by our capillary DNA analyzers, you will receive an email from with information on how to view or download your data. For Illumina sequencing data, you will receive an email from with links to download your data. For all other data, you will receive an email from a member of the Genomics Facility or the Bioinformatics Facility staff with your data or instructions on how to access your data.

Sequencing data are available for download for 30 days after we sent you the results. After 30 days, an additional charge may be applied for recovering the data from archive.

Your data are your responsibility. Download your data immediately after your receive the results.

Data retrieval

Past 30 days, your data will be archived and stored for six months. This backup is not a substitute to saving your data in your user folder on the shared network drive.

Retrieving archived data takes time from the facility staff, and we charge for this service. The minimum charge is half an hour, thereafter in quarter-hour increments.


Internal price (Cornell and Cornell affiliates) External price
Illumina data retrieval from archive (per lane) $100 $164
Sanger data retrieval from archive (per read) $5 $8.20
Hard drive shipping (Drive) $250 $410