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Cornell University

Data analysis

Free genomics analysis apps for ThermoFisher instruments

The Genomics Facility hosts two instruments for which these apps can be useful:

  • QuantStudio 7 Pro qPCR machine (app name: "Design and Analysis New", or "DA2")
  • a Sanger sequencer (app name: "Quality Check")

To use these apps, you just need to create a free cloud account. If you do not want to create an account, the app "Design and Analysis" is also available for download on your computer (for Mac or Windows 10).

Bioinformatics support

The Bioinformatics Facility many options to help you analyze your data:

  • Commercial software
    Get licensed software packages at reduced cost to your lab through our Bioinformatics Facility software licensing service.
  • Office hours
    For simple to complex questions, we hold office hours every week. Check our calendar.
  • Remote computing (BioHPC Cloud)
    If you have a large data, you can run your analyses on our large memory machines. They come with over 900 software titles pre-instaled
  • Linux and data analysis workshops
    Several times a year, we offer workshops on computational biology topics such as basic linux commands, parallel computing, or how to analyze RNA-Seq data.
  • Collaborations and consulting
    For larger projects that require bioinformatics resources beyond those in your lab, we engage in long-term data analyses as collaborators, co-authoring papers, supervising postdocs, and writing grant applications.