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Elyra Super Resolution Microscope (Zeiss)

super resolution microscope
  • Supports SR-SIM, TIRF, PALM and STORM super resolution microscopy.

  • Inverted Axio Observer.Z1 microscope
  • 405, 488, 561, and 640 nm laser lines
  • Definite Focus focal-drift compensation
  • Piezo-Z stage insert for fast focusing
Please contact us to receive training before using this instrument for the first time.

Instrument pricing

Elyra Super Resolution Microscope (Zeiss)
(9am-9pm Mon-Fri)
(9pm-9am, Sat-Sun & holidays)
Zeiss Elyra Super Resolution Microscope $35/h $18/h
Zeiss Elyra Super Resolution Microscope - Training $90/h NA
A 64% surcharge applies to non-Cornell users.
Training on any instrument takes 1-2 hours, depending on prior experience.

Grant acknowledgement

Imaging data was acquired through the Cornell Institute of Biotechnology's Imaging Facility, with NSF funding (1428922) for the shared Zeiss Elyra Microscope.

Manufacturer manuals

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