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Gene expression analyses

Single-cell RNA-Seq (10X Genomics)

  • Single-cell immune profiling
  • Single-cell RNA-Seq

ORDER a single-cell library construction

Illumina library: large projects

  • QuantSeq FWD (Lexogen), a cost-effective alternative to traditional 3'RNA-Seq

ORDER a QuantSeq FWD library prep

Illumina library: small projects

  • QuantSeq (Lexogen) — Illumina-compatible library for sequencing from 3' end of RNA

  • TruSeq (Illumina) — 3' RNA-Seq

ORDER a RNA-Seq library prep

If your library is already constructed, you can order the sequencing service alone.

ORDER an Illumina sequencing run

Real-time PCR instrument (ViiA7, Thermo Fisher Scientific)

  • Simple, fast gene expression quantification for a low number of target genes.

RESERVE time on the real-time PCR

nCounter SPRINT Profiler (nanoString)

  • Counts native RNA (i.e. without reverse transcription and amplification) and allows multiplexing to detect small fold changes in hundreds of targets simultaneously.

RESERVE time on the nCounter