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Genomics Innovation Hub

The Genomics Innovation Hub is a unique resource that complements the services provided by the BRC Genomics Facility.

Working on a collaborative model (as opposed to fee-for-service), the protocol and method development by early adopters pave the way for larger-scale production services.

Interested in more information? Contact our experts or read more about our collaboration model, including our funding opportunities.

infographics describing the GIH model

The Genomics Innovation Hub (GIH) is an alternative model to the fee-for-service core facility model. GIH is a collaborative environment for technology development. GIH functions lilke a Genomics Makerspace at Cornell where Cornell researchers bring their ideas, and participate directly in their project. GIH provides custom reagents, equipment, and expert staff. GIH will produce know-how and toolkits that will become shared resources for the community. Ideas and solutions created a GIH can be exchanged with other "biotechnology makerspace" at other universities. This can eventually evolve into a network of collaborative facilities, all of which exchanging information and know-how.

Acknowledging BRC services and staff

If you publish data that has been generated with the help of the services we provide, mentioning the Cornell Institute of Biotechnology in the acknowledgments section is very helpful. Here is why. You can also review our authorship guidelines. Please reference the following Research Resource Identifier (RRID): RRID:SCR_022547