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Cornell University

Epigenomics Facility

What we will offer

Our goal is to provide a high-throughput end-to-end service that maps protein-DNA interactions genome-wide, tracks metadata, and implements standard data processing and analysis pipelines.

Our service will rely on the Platform for Eukaryotic Genomic Regulation (PEGR), a management platform for ChIP-exo and ChIP-seq assays. PEGR offer simplified methods to allow researchers to aggregate samples and combine the results over thousands of datasets.

The PEGR platform has been deployed in experimental work and enabled the following projects:

PEGR integrates the NSF platform. Further development is ongoing to leverage government-funded cloud services at XSEDE and OSG. We also intend to extend our services to include tissue and cell samples.

PEGR was developed in collaboration with Shaun Mahony, assistant professor in the Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Department at Penn State University, and Frank Pugh, professor in the department of Molecular Biology and Genetics at Cornell.

To learn more about PEGR, you can read this paper or watch this presentation.